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In the first case, a part of the scrotum swells in a newborn due to the penetration of fluid into the testicular cavity, from where it has no way out.

This disease in most cases resolves on its own in children. With communicating dropsy, fluid passes into the abdominal cavity and from it through ditropan pills vaginal process enters the testicles and causes a hydrocele, which is treated surgically. Such an intervention is performed with a significant increase in the size of the scrotum and an increase in edema, leading to discomfort in the patient. If the operation is not carried out during this period, thena hydrocele becomes infected, a hernia may form in the man's groin.

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Husks of 14 bean pods are placed in 1 liter of water and boiled for 8-10 minutes. Then the broth is infused for 1/3 hour and filtered. They start taking the medicine from five in the morning - 0.2 l, then they drink the same amount before breakfast (30 minutes before meals), half an hour before lunch they take the same dose. The rest can be taken in any volume, but no later than eight o'clock in the evening. If the symptoms of the disease do not go away within 3 days, then the medicine should be changed. During treatment, you can not drink other liquids. Take the same parts of dried leaves of bearberry and herb herb, crush and mix, place in a tightly closed glass dish. ½ cup of the mixture is poured into 0.2 liters of water and boiled for a quarter of an hour, and then filtered. Drink on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before breakfast. A decoction is prepared from fresh apricots - pour 1 glass of oxybutynin pills online with a liter of water and boil for ¾ hours. You need to drink up to 0.4 liters per day, and the rest of the liquid is replaced by diuretics. Fresh parsley (0.3 kg) is boiled in a liter of water and the broth is filtered. Take half a cup every hour throughout the first half of the day. Treatment is carried out for three days.

The disease causes flatulence and a feeling of pain and heaviness in the abdomen.

Grind the pumpkin and carrots on a fine grater, squeeze the juice from the mixture and take half a cup a day. The black radish is passed through a meat grinder with a fine mesh, the juice is squeezed out of it and mixed with honey. Take the medicine gradually - on the first day they drink 1/3 cup. Then, within a few days, increase the dose to buy ditropan over the counter. 2 onions are cut into small pieces and covered with sugar, the mixture is left until the morning. The juice released overnight is squeezed out with gauze and 2 tbsp. drink on an empty stomach.

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Treatment of dropsy by methods of modern medicine is carried out conservatively. For this, painkillers are used, a suspension is prescribed for the patient to wear. Antibacterial drugs are also used. Treatment of dropsy of a chronic nature is carried out using an abdominal puncture, which can be carried out by injection or surgically. The first method, in addition to removing fluid, also uses drugs, formalin and alcohol. Dropsy, which is caused by testicular disease, is treated mainly by surgical methods using abdominal puncture. Ascites (dropsy, the symptoms of which is swelling of the abdominal cavity) can be eliminated by diet (in mild cases of the disease). Since this is usually not an independent disease, it is important to remove the causes of the underlying disease. Surgically, it is treated with an abdominal puncture.
You can get rid of the disease in different ways and techniques.

For the treatment of other types of dropsy, traditional medicine offers the following recipes.

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    Of the products in the diet include cottage cheese, various cereals, fruits, vegetables, fish, greens. Basically, everyone is consumed in the form of jelly, casseroles, boiled and stewed. With kidney failure, cabbage, garlic, spinach, radish, sorrel, horseradish and various legumes are excluded from the diet. Dropsy, the causes of which are disorders in the spinal cord, is treated in a hospital with the use of special medications.

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    Treatment of the disease by methods of modern medicine. When prescribing a diet, fats are reduced in the patient's diet, replacing animal species with vegetable ones. The intake of carbohydrates and liquids is also limited (no more than 1 liter per day). Food is steamed or boiled in water (salt is not recommended).

  • The outflow of blood is difficult and stagnation occurs in the portal vein system.

    Ascites (ascites) or abdominal dropsy is a disease characterized by the accumulation of transudate in the abdominal cavity. It is more common in older dogs and cats. Etiology. The main cause of ascites is a circulatory disorder in the portal or inferior vena cava (cirrhosis of the liver, periphlebitis, compression by glands or tumors). dropsy may occurnut and with heart failure, chronic lung diseases, kidney diseases of the blood.